The Skills for Success

National Footprint:

Workforce Holdings Ltd, a JSE listed business with national reach is a major shareholder in CoE. This means our suite of solutions are available throughout South Africa. No matter the size or location of your operations, from head office-only to multi-site requirements, our levels of excellence extend countrywide.

Employee upskilling not only advances workers – it endows businesses with the skills for ongoing success. Competency development and training are the very nuts and bolts of real operational improvement. CoE provides accredited learnerships, short courses, skills programmes, and industry training. From streamlining training methods and internal protocols to committing to compliance through upskilling, knowledge is empowering.

Our training and development component is focused on continuous improvement. This makes for sustainable human capital excellence that endures into the future. Our link to Workforce Training and Consulting provides a gateway to a broad selection of classroom- and online-based accredited training solutions.

Compliance and Continuity:

  • Training and development
  • Analysis and re-evaluation of people and organisational performance using data metrics
  • Analysis of your organisational design and structure
  • Implementation of remuneration and reward strategies that talk into your company strategy
  • Analysis and development of industrial and employee relations
  • Review and implementation of talent acquisition strategies

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CoE’s full suite of human resources management consultancy services are modular and totally tailored to the unique workings of your business.

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