Driving Excellence Through Empowerment And Operational Efficiency

In partnership with our clients, we define what excellence means to your business through collaboration and strategic partnerships. Our team identifies and explores the edge of employee ability and so grows business potential.

We evaluate your business through data and analysis to manage risk, improve employee productivity, and influence employee behaviour through positive reinforcement and goal-driven performance solutions.

In the road freight industry, this translates to a focused and measurable approach to driver compliance, behaviour and productivity, risk management, and improved fuel and operational efficiency. This is all managed through a scorecard system, celebrating driver excellence.

Our Process


Defining Excellence

It all begins with purpose. Together with third-party data providers and OEMs, CoE helps you to define what excellence means for your business, your employees, and the customers they serve. From there, we devise data-inspired strategies and systems combining industry best practice, people, processes, and technologies. Whether you want to drill down, fine tune, or reinvent systems, data is an advanced springboard for successful systems.


Productivity & Performance

Our ongoing data collection, analysis, and reporting leaves nothing to chance. From these real-time insights, we create scorecards – a powerful managerial tool to support and optimise productivity, performance, compliance, training and development, and health and safety. A key component of our work is to align employees with organisational culture – increasing buy-in and empowering every member of your team.


Celebrating Excellence

Excellence should be celebrated. Our scorecard system makes it easy to gauge performance, address issues for sustainable improvement, and acknowledge excellence. Our rewards and recognition programmes are vehicles for empowerment, appreciation, and future individual, team, and organisational growth.

Our Services

People-Centred (HR) Consulting

Training and Development

World-Class Industry Trainers

Productivity and Performance

Employee Engagement

Work with Experts in Excellence

Graeme Bredell

CEO: Freys, Okin, Vejoy and AVI

CoE was appointed to consult and oversee the dha Group people function in a very challenging time for the business due to the looting and unrest in KZN. They are highly capable and, given the problem statement, will find the best solution for the business (including its people). They interacted at all levels of the business, as well as with external advisors, and gained people’s trust quickly, even when difficult decisions had to be made. I would recommend COE to any business that needs strong, independent leaders for their HR team or to develop a people strategy for the business.

Sue Oosthuizen

General Manager: Vezikhono Academy

Vezikhono is a training academy set up to service dha group. Initially, it required direction and leadership regarding strategy to meet our training and developmental needs. CoE provided holistic assistance covering structure and organisational design, QMS system and accreditation, skills programmes, development of material, assessments, training and facilitation, learnerships, and analytical DTP services. Their network of skills, expertise, and partners assisted us in gaining clarity and momentum in the training space and a strategy and base to work from. The team is highly professional and one we rely on to provide delivery of services on time and in full every time.

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